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sin_river's Journal

Enemy of mine, I'll fuck you like the devil.
Violent inside, beautiful and evil.
I'm a ghost. You're an angel.
We're one and the same, just remains of an age.
Lost in a day dream, what do you see?
If you're looking for Jesus, get on your knees!

*Lyrics thanks to Stranger in a Strange Land, 30 Seconds to Mars

Writing, so you don't have to dig through the public entries, can be found either listed here or at Angel Dust, my sparkly new fic journal!
I will be gradually transferring everything there over a period of time. Entries will still be in this journal but there will not be links to them on my userinfo here.
As of now, all Avenged Sevenfold stories posted in 2006 are there.

Added now to Angel Dust is all my jrock drabbles/word experiments, if you like! =)