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To the sound of drip drop on high-up windows and mike portnoy
Writing information/updates/sparkly things of that manner... (Some you already know)

Writing, so you don't have to dig through the public entries, can be found either listed here or at Angel Dust, my sparkly fic journal!

I was lazy and didn't get around to transferring the rest of it til I had a bit of time/boredom tonight. All of my a7x fics and my jrock drabbles/word experiments are now over at the fic journal, so if you ever, god forbid, are bored enough you are welcome to stare and laugh or pat me on the head! <33

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haha I saw you posted and was like O HAY...damn it, old stuff.

lol yeaaah, sorry!
I'm hoping to be more productive but I know better than to make any promises, hehe. I *do* miss writing. I haven't put much out lately at *all*...blaaah.
I blame work. It sucks the life out of my creativity. Or more like all creativity withers away under legal terminology. lol. ANd I don't know legal terminology well enough to write smut using multiple five syllable words ;)

lol! I've been aching to write, just got a beautiful new journal from Barnes and Nobles that was way too expensive but so pretty I had to buy it...

I hate it when that happens. You're sitting there going "...a notebook would work just as well but...but...but..." and then there's an epic dive for the journal and a scampering to the checkout counter so you get out before you come to your senses xD


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