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Posted from deathbat news and on avenged's website:
I cannot believe my eyes. I can't.

Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, Rest In Peace.
December 28, 2009, 9:34 pm
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Im not entirely sure how to even begin with this. Unfortunately, the reports are true that Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan has passed away. Forever in our hearts. A message from the band can be read below:

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world’s best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.

Jimmy you are forever in our hearts.
We love you.

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Someone told me and I didn't believe them until I looked it up for myself. I thought it was another one of those stupid-ass internet rumors that circulate every now and again.

I wouldnt have believed it but it was on the official a7x twitter andlinked to deathbat news, which gave the band statement.

Yeah, I found it on the band page. I'm still at that shocked/blank kind of stage. I'm not totally sure how to react because it was... really, really sudden.

I'm still shocked/blank, it's not... really registering and might not til more information comes out. Might be awhile, who knows... oh god.

Yeah, it still hasn't... I don't know. I tried to listen to the band and it just failed horribly. It doesn't seem real, I think.

No, it doesn't. It's going to take awhile to sink in. I'm watching for updates here:

Yahoo news told me before. The original thing I read just said "natural causes" so I was worried they weren't even going to investigate. Thank you for the link, though, definitely going to keep up on that.

Since it was local I was a bit concerned that we wouldn't get any updates, but they seem to be updating that. There was the initial post at 5:30 pm yesterday there, and a few more bits and pieces of details have been added from time to time.

I'm glad they're updating at least. I'm still completely stunned by the whole thing. And I can't say that... I don't know. I can't say that I'm all that shocked it happened but he was entirely too young. Didn't expect it this soon.

yeah... I mean goddamn, he's only six years older than I. He's my *sister's* age....

I know. It's just... completely, utterly bizarre and shocking.

this is just...bizarre.

I mean, yeah, drummers in rock bands pass away all the time, but when you look at Keith Richards, The entire band of Aerosmith, Axl Rose, etc, it's still shocking when someone passes away so young when so many bands have long living members who probably did/are doing more deconstructive things than Jimmy could have done/would have done.

I never shipped with Jimmy, but he brought something amazing to that band and it sucks that no one will ever see/hear that again.

I honestly expected Jimmy to last... well, a bit longer. The fact of it perhaps doesn't surprise me but the timing shocked me utterly.
As you well know Jimmy is and always be my favorite... I loved that kid and his artistic wackiness from the bottom of my black little soul and always will. He's virtually irreplaceable musically in that band, I don't know what the fuck they'll do. They just finished the writing process and were going into the studio and it would increase the tragedy if it never sees the light of day.

seriously, i expected Zacky to go first.

Personally i think the should just get sit in studio drummers for the album. But i don't know how i would feel about seeing a7x live without Jimmy.

If they could find sit in studio drummers that can do jimmy's style justice, definitely. He's got a very unique feel that would be difficult to duplicate, I would think...

I dont' knwo how I'd feela bout seeing them live without Jimmy either. Who knows, maybe they've got someone clsoe in the ranks that could step up and while perhaps not fill the void but make it seem just a bit less empty... Sigh.

I always thought it would be Jimmy, I just didn't think it would be so soon.

..... :( this is completely unexpected.

No fucking kidding. I think most of the fandom is still in utter shock. Nobody can believe it's actually happening... I think a lot of us wouldn't have been surprised by Jimmy's untimely demise in a number of years from now but this shocks the hell out of all of us.
I <3 Jimmy so very, very much...

He was only 28, seriously :\ there's nothing right at all about that. AX7 won't be the same without him.

No, it won't be... there's an incredibly sweet message from Papa Gates here talkign about how he first met jimmy:

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